Bitch Betta Have My Money ft YG Kurupt (исполнитель: Tyga)

[Intro] [bad word] better have my money (x4)

[Verse 1: Tyga] [bad word] better have my money, money
Bring back a 100 take 20, 20
20 more minutes then [bad word] 
I could [bad word] you longer, but [bad word] I'm in a hurry
Hurry up, Usain Bolt to the money
Swear I'm the [bad word]  everybody fly around me
Rap like hustle and you hustlin' with dummies
I got a big ego, [bad word] don't touch me [bad word] her for some money [bad word]  up the country
Pistol with the homies, you at home lonely
Call it my Macaulay, pokin' white boobies [bad word] the, [bad word] the police, these niggas know they know me
50 for the Rollie, niggas ain't brodies
Hoes got 'em trippin', cuffin' like cufflinks
Don't know where her tongue be
Rinse it in the [bad word]  sink
I don't care what the [bad word] think, I just know one thing

[Hook] [bad word] better have my money (x8)

[Verse 2: YG] [bad word] better have my money
If the [bad word] don't, tell her bounce like a bunny
I don't give a [bad word] bout what that [bad word] talking
She ain't got the cash till that [bad word] get to walking
I eat, sleep, [bad word]  think about them dollars
Pop a pill, pop a [bad word]  pop my collar
I'm poppin' like a Tic Tac [bad word] you better get back
Funny looking [bad word]  who been [bad word]  Sinbad
I did that
Do it all, go big never small
Got a crib with a closet, you would think you at the mall
& Her Mouth Like Halls, & Her Jaws Like Wisedom Teeth
In her jaws like wisdom teeth
You hear the beat
I bet you they gone bang this in the Middle East
I been a freak
9th grade I was [bad word]  in the bathroom
I was [bad word]  at school like my house didn't have rooms
My best friend is named Benjamin Frank
So [bad word] better have my cake


[Verse 3: [bad word] 
Man this [bad word] better have my money
This [bad word] so smart, she nothing but a dummy [bad word] better have my moula [bad word]  round with a real [bad word] and his shooter
Lil' duffle bag [bad word] Make a [bad word] rich
Shut the [bad word] up
And jump on this [bad word] Nothin' but a [bad word]  [bad word] [bad word] what you talkin' bout and [bad word] what you think
I need money, I need it real fast
I need it real bad like white girls need [bad word] Baby you can help me, break this dub
20 [bad word]  racks up up in the club
Club, up up in the front
That's why I sent a [bad word] to get at each one
Triple top rank
Treat her like a bank
I don't give a [bad word] what the [bad word] thinking [bad word] I'm just saying

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