What I Do (исполнитель: Young Jeezy)

Just like that, niggas don't know how to act
Bet when them niggas hear this they get to grabbing they strap
Just let them DJ, they know, they get to bringing it back
Them niggas hit up the club, they get to bringing the set
I said, now just like that, [bad word] don't know what to do
And when we hit up the club, you know them [bad word] through
I told her hit up her girl, tell them that they [bad word] too
And now that [bad word] off the chain, I told y'all then what I do
I say now just like that

[Verse 1] [bad word] they screaming, I can hear [bad word] calling
Give a [bad word] if they like it, tell them niggas I'm balling
These niggas holding they nuts
As you see I ain't stalling
Swear these niggas a trip
As you see I ain't falling
They want me trip on my strings
Want me fall on my face
Hit a lick for a hundred and it fell in my safe [bad word]  no alcoholic, but she drink like a toilet
Told her do me a favor and put your mouth on this faucet
I know just how she like it
She might think I'm a psychic
Even called me a plumber, she like the way that I pipe it
Niggas talk like they know me, they must got me mistaken [bad word]  I'm pleading not guilty, you'll never charge me with faking


[Verse 2]
You see my back on my [bad word]  you can tell I'm swagging
And you know that I got it, you can tell I ain't bragging
Them Rollies wit big faces, drink Ciroc by the cases
I'm Neo out this [bad word]  feel like I'm stuck in the Matrix
I'm talking so much white, you would think I was racist
See I came from the bottom, I'm talking under the basement
Threw the roof off this [bad word] like we just had a tornado
Desert Eagles, they twins, I call em Cain and Abel
Hundred K in my pocket, that [bad word] as thick as a Bible
Superstar in my hood, so that would make me an idol
Had a [bad word] of a night, so I'mma say me a prayer
In the lockout I'm balling, so that would make me a player


[Verse 3]
I got em bouncing and leaning, I got em drinking and smoking
I told her take off her clothes
What she say? That she open
If you're getting to money, my [bad word]  ball like a dog
Them cigarillos so big, them [bad word] look like they logs
I'm the life of the party, bring the party some life
You know I'm dead [bad word] serious. Why? Cause I said it twice
We talking straight suicide, we taking shots to the head
Must be drinking amnesia, cause I forgot what I said
Stack up so much bread I'mma need me a toaster
My partner ride with his chopper, this [bad word] think he a soldier
Why I'mma stand in the section when I can stand on the sofa?
So y'all guess what I does, you never say I ain't told ya
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