A Secret Message To You (исполнитель: Devics)

This is what I made
Made it just for you
It’s better than a letter
I’m sending it to you
It is made of wood
Mud and salt and glue
I wanted to build it big
And sail away with you
This is where the wood
Started to get loose
And this is where I painted little deer
secret message to you
It’s tiny sail that I cut from a magazine
With the letters of your name
I want to see it go
It wishes it was in the sea tonight
And I weighed it with an anchor
Just an eraser
It is really much too small to use
I ran out glue
You could put it in the water
And pretend that I am there with you
Sailing in the sea together
Me and you…
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Devics - A Secret Message To You?
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