The Cellar (исполнитель: King Diamond)

Why do I feel this way?
Deep in my mind I know that I should stay away
Anyway I go, down below
Down to the cellar where the little girl just might show

The Dark is so much darker here
The candlelight can't break the sensation of fear
I see a trail of blood
Leading down into the Dark where no one should go

I shouldn't be down here, not tonight
Evil is in the air, tonight
I shouldn't be down here, not tonight
Everything is closing in on me

Here I am, in the Dark, there's no return
Then in a halo of light... I see a shape... I know it's her... Ohh
So many black little wings meet me as I enter the cellar
So many black little wings, black little wings on my face
Oh no no no, I cannot see, I cannot see what's going on
I hear her breathe, I hear her wheeze
And then she points her little finger right at me

[Solo : Andy]

"Mine mine mine mine, give me your soul please
Mine mine mine mine"
"Mine mine mine mine, give me your soul please
Mine mine mine mine"
Oh no no no

I... I've got the get away
Her piercing eyes will burn deep into my mind
I slowly turn around
I can feel her closing in, and then I'm falling down

The Dark is so much darker than before
The candle in my hand doesn't burn anymore
I think I'm losing my mind
As I'm barely crawling out, out of this place
I shouldn't b down there, not tonight
I can't believe I made it out of there
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