Sole Passenger (исполнитель: The Fall of Every Season)

Under flocking grey clouds, a gathering hounding to lay the ground I walked under water, I ventured with uncertain footsteps towards the sound of a cold bell. Mere, yet harsh rings were like my merciless destiny: hastily awaiting the arrival of no one but my very self. My lunar shadow still glared by my side, refusing to ease off its grasp. Tired old doors finally closed behind my near [bad word] self. All heard was my hammering heart. In this forsaken carriage it was to begin. As I could once again unfold my neglected body, dust spiralled its way around my pale thin hands, around arms with terror’s marks, which I had learned to look past. Dead surroundings, yet in the ground where I stood, like in sand, the somehow [bad word] traces of life were imprinted. The flickering lights from outside passed away, one by one. Farewell to this familiar place of grief. If only the beauty of the emptiness will share with me its solace. It had called for me, the vast, dark outside of the city. Had convinced me to leave, with its voice of consolation. These velvet words touched me like nothing human. In a land of plundering ghouls, its promises solely held me onto the branches of life. The avid rain from outside of the glass was like my feelings, ready to cast its waves upon me, yet ricocheted from my walls. Had not stepped on board here to drown, had a wish to still float.
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The Fall of Every Season - Sole Passenger?
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