Guess Who (исполнитель: Goodie Mob)

You 'bout to make me slam yo' back clean out
But i luv her till death do us part
Though she divorced my pop the hard way
Back in nineteen "yassey" for the past sixteen years
I took on the responsibility of daddy...
Ma ol' burd... puttin a real buzz in my ear, makin sho' it marinate
And not go out the other ear
Guess who? stood beside me when y'all wouldn't force fed when I
Couldn't lift a spoon to my skull
God is good, God is kind mimmicin' her taught me how to say mine ...
Grace improvised wit bakin' soda when it wasn't no toothpaste
Now what that went with? my ol' burd cried tears of joy
When she heard I wasn't gon' serve time for possession
Of the "sawed [bad word]  out of spurs
When I came home blowed and couldn't find the key hole, guess who
Unlocked the doors, my Ol' burd puttin' my hairs out
I better eat before you bug me to death
Shut-up you old ungrateful [bad word] [bad word]  she trying to help yo' [bad word] ..
I wasn't ready to eat yet but I enjoyed the dinner she said, "I'm glad"
Slid down my esophagus wit ease, even though she have this skin disease,
That won't allow me to gain weight do my own eyes deceive me
Guess who tuck me in before I started drivin this Benz
Again & again, told me not to and when I did...
Guess who beat the dog [bad word] outta me kid
My Moma didn't play, shiiit, I had to pick the switches...
You guess who!

My Moma, destination unknown, went out on her own
She was barely even grown and became my Moma
I never knew my dad, so even when the times got bad
I was glad cause I had my Moma
For so long she had to be strong
I know at certain times she was wrong
But she still my Moma, it still amazes me
The Lord had to help her raise me judging from the way I used to be
My Moma, the biggest player that I know I love her so [bad word] everything I got I owe to my Moma
Thank you for caring, thank you for sharing yo' luv
I guess that was yo' way of preparing
Yo' son to be the one and not the two
To make you and my daddy's [bad word] [bad word] But what a surprise a car wreck left you paralyzed
( From: [bad word] / )
The sheet was pulled over yo' eyes when the doctor advised
The family that you might not ever talk again
But you talkin' so I know that you gon' walk again
But take yo time, guess who's the inspiration for the rhyme... My Moma

Who was tha first to hold you in some arms
Tha first to change your diaper when your stomach wasn't calm
Your Moma, wit that drama brought you into this world
From a world of down under
I wonder now she know when I was lying, when I was telling the [bad word] With the proof she would explain how I've been skipping school
With that boys putting wholes on my back with the same belt
Around my waist that held my panst up
Takin' back only got you closer to Southern Bell
Got your forehead swell
I swear she knew when it was real or when it was fake like Clampetts
With dreads and if I couldn't handle a situation then I fled
Behind closed doors I froze, in Garnett holes I rose
Who that [bad word] got my bond
Standing in front of that two-inch glass
woman ready to hand the cash over for her son...
My Mama!
Sometimes we get it on, I know at times I'm wrong
Lookin' into my eyes just to let me know she tried is enough for me
I'm callin' a [bad word] it seems we more like brother and sister
Even though she pay the bills wit the mister
Brought me home in '72 and gave me all she had
Cause I was left at birth she knew it could work
Since she gave me the first chance my song and dance
Pearl, my world, what would I do without her spark
Probably be on the street wit nothin' to eat but I got a happy home
Ever since my first day it's heaven sent now I know
What it's meant when I say
I appreci
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