Hip-Hop Essentials (исполнитель: Rasco)

Father Rasco, you better act like you know

Straight of the pitch, the third mic gave a small pinch
And ever since they've been waitin' on this twelve inch
It's Peanut Butter Wolf, Rasco anticipated
Steppin' to mics will only get cracks obliterated
Turn up these levels, let me bless those that's feelin' [bad word] on this path and I'ma rip fools continuous
This nonstop entourage rockin' camouflage
Is quick to handle any [bad word] thinkin' sabotage
Really, who in the [bad word] is this big Willy? [bad word] him down, rip his out and smack him silly
My microphone filled with flames, takin' all names
The first to tell 'em that this hip hop ain't all games
I rock the planet, transatlantic, meanin' overseas
Down with various, but this box [bad word] in threes
Got EBF to the friz chillin' close range
Pockets is flat, time to stack me some pocket change
But ain't it strange how this hard work has paid off?
Remember days when I was flat broke and laid off
But gettin' fired only inspired the dope [bad word] Now magazines on the scene tryin' to quote [bad word] Given the wackest hip hop overblown props
Styles is stolen better call up the [bad word] cops
Tell 'em to bring they paddy wagon, got a lot of folks [bad word] is all set to crack jokes
Gavel to gavel, brothers gettin' [bad word] through the gravel
little buzz, yo, but my rhymes just didn't travel
gotta take it to the next, start cashin' checks
I see you brothers perpertratin' in that rented Lex
Tryin' to flex like you some type of big wheel
I'm on the mic, niggaz just get they wigs peeled
Still, I know these wack fools be lovin' it
Place your bets and I bet Ras can double it

Scratched [bad word] x2):
Rhymes decapitate 'em when I activate 'em.
Get behind the real rhymer.

Some of you fools on the mic just bug me
Sippin' on ???? niggaz talkin' 'bout his bubbly
Yo' broke [bad word] ain't never sipped on no Cristal
Pulled no holes or even shot off a pistol
The perpetratin' pulled the stick out for penetratin'
Have you at home layin' flat, rehabilitatin'
Exhilaration' all the time, gotta dish [bad word]  the [bad word]  point, gotta dish dimes
But not sacks, rather drop tracks to black wax
That type [bad word] that be more hype than mad [bad word] in yo' spot set to take things I never got
Two or three albums to yo' credit but they wasn't hot
Don't jock fools 'cuz you think that they be livin' cool
In videos wit' these broke hoes and swimmin' pools
Dancin' around on my set tryin' to catch wreck
Smokin' on blunts, takin' forty hoes to the neck
Blurry position, better turn off my television
No time for niggaz bringin' all types of negatism
The industry is just filled with these fake [bad word]  around with cigars and fedora hats [bad word] in drag, brothers best check they manhood
Rip out they lungs, so it just won't expand good
'Cuz I done had it with these phony rappin' freestyles
Brothers be yappin' that [bad word]  out the penial
The senile, you ain't never been in jail, black
It be the Ras, give you [bad word] than tailbacks
Women [bad word]  out talkin' 'bout they [bad word] Some of these brothers rock rhymes, others [bad word]  [bad word] x2)
Father Rasco, solo tip
Shout outs
To my man EBF
To my man Frizbee
To my man Encore
To the one Fanatik
To my man Persevere
To my man 50 Gs
G-Love the Architect
To my man PB Wolf
To my man A-1
To the man Ranger Rick
To my man Big Hav
Stones Throw nine-six
Bring it on
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