World is Mine - Hatsune Miku cover (English version) (исполнитель: Miku-Tan)

I'm the number one
 princess in the whole wide world
 so make sure you know my heart
 how to treat me...
 got it?

number one 
 you must notice how my hairstyle's
 different from how I look every day

 number two
 make sure you look down closely at my shoes, ok?

number three
 Answer in three letters "I love you"
 whenever I open my mouth and speak to you
 If you understand,
 So, do something now about my open right hand

 it's not like
 I'm being selfish and trying to bother you
 I just want you to feel from the heart,
 that I'm the best to you, because I am the

 number one princess
 in the whole wide world
 You will notice me hey hey
 It's quite impossible to make me wait
 Who do you think the [bad word] that I am
 Now I want to eat something sweet right now.
 Right now, you hear?

 Ah! Check one two. ahhhh!

 Flaws?I think you mean adorable mistakes
 you aren't allowed [bad word] okay
 I say!Are you listening to what I'm saying?hey!

Oh and also!
little pony that is white that much is obvious [bad word] and pick me up
 If you get it now
 kneel before me, take my hand say "my princess"

 It's not that
 I'm difficult or selfish or anything like that
 however you should know that it is
 okay to scold me every once in a while

 In this world, a prince
 who belongs only to me
 'bout time you noticed hey hey
 that both my hands are empty
 prince who is
 oh so silent yet cold
 Oh for crying out loud!
Hurry up and notice it now


 It's obvious that you still
 do not understand
 Do not understand at all.

 Many many strawberries on a short cake
 Using special eggs to make melting rich pudding!
Everything, everything. I will give it up
 Please don't think that I'm such a selfish brat
 I can do it if I really want to
 You'll regret it sooner or later

 Hey of course!Because I am your

 number one 
 princess in the whole wide world
 Keep your eyes on only me,
 or I'll go somewhere you don't know
 Then you hugged me from the back..
 It was so sudden.. hey!
You say "Watch out, you're gonna get [bad word] over" and you turned away are the one more dangerous to me
 Ah! Hey, baby! Ahhhh!
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