Отсутствует (исполнитель: Неизвестен)

Take It Off   
(A.Williams,E.Deodato) Nureau Ink Music SESAC 
Written by: Anthony C. Williams II & Eumir Deodato 
Produced by: Creed Taylor 

Mhmmmmm mmahmmmahmahmmmm yeah ohh yeah uh huh yeahhhh......   

Why are you defining 
 What needs no definition ? 
 Interesting observation  
When [bad word] to religion.. 

" Leave all of your practical instincts  & learn our superstition.  Forget about your FUTURE spend the NOW reminiscing..." 

 And learn all about yourself 
 And you'll find JAH 
 Contrary  to the system’s  opinion, He's in us all. 
 Learning how to learn  for myself wasn't easy 
 Let alone,  just obtaining  the courage  to find 
 The strength deep inside me to be me 

  [bad word] full circle 
 Forcing me, inside a perfect square  
My predictions were so off  
Thinking everyone I love would still be there 
 But, it doesn't work that way  
Sometimes people walk away 
 But at least I can still depend on me 

Do-da-do-n-do-n-dwah-do-dot ...  whoaaaaaaaa ohhhhhhhhhhhh ooooohhhhhh  oh oh oh-wah ohhhh...   

  No need  For a loud applause 
 It's so [bad word] accolades can distract you  
So you can  wear them loosely  
Don’t forget to take them off  
There's no harm in receiving  a loud applause 
 [bad word] ; wear them loosely 
 Take them off  
You're so wonderful  ! 
Congratulations  ! 
And the room is filled with salutations 
 Don’t forget  wear them loosely 
 Take them off  
Every accolade  is laced with some hater-rade   
Wear it loosely 
 Don’t forget to take it off...
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