With You (Duet version feat. Richard Fleeshman & Caissie Levy) (исполнитель: Ghost: The Musical (2011 Original London Cast))

I picked up your shirts this morning

I don’t know why, I don’t know why

Mr Reynolds said to say hello

I started to cry, I started to cry

Every place we ever walked and

Everywhere we talked, I miss you

You never leave my mind

So much of you is left behind

You took my days with you

Took my nights with you

Those unfinished conversations

We used to have still speak to me

And I write you letters every day

That I’ll never send and you’ll never see

All this wishful thinking

Gets me nowhere I can’t stay

Though my heart is broken

It keeps breaking every day

You took my hopes with you

Took my dreams with you

I keep thinking that you’ll be calling

Everyone says that it’s all in my head

And I can’t accept it yet

I’m not ready to just give in

I know that I can’t live in this pain

With these feelings of regret

I [bad word] this

And pretend that I don’t care

Any place I wanna be

I wanna see you there

You took my life with you

Took my world with you
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