Bring Back the Glory (Наследник дьявола OP) (исполнитель: Zardonic and Voicians)



Raise your [bad word] hands in the air [bad word] 
We're bringing back the glory

Bring back the, the, the
 [bad word] [bad word] on, now
You emo [bad word]  this isn't a trend
This is the force of pure steel from [bad word] I am the sound of a new old breed
The sound lives while you cry and bleed
I like to see you dancing to your
While I'm [bad word] your brains with my 
You're going down like cheap [bad word] [bad word] quarry
Cause we returned to bring back the glory

This is just beginning

We gonna bring it [bad word] on now [4x]
Now [14x]

Bring back the glory


Nothing can stop this

Bring back the glo-
 [bad word] 
Cause we returned [8x]
To bring back the glory

This is just beginning

Bring back the glory
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