Doin' Alright (исполнитель: CunninLynguists)

[bad word] 
I'll be doin' alright. I'll be doin' ok
And as long as I can live to see another day
I'll be doin alright. I'll be doin ok

Back in the sixteenth century ... way way back in the day
Nostradamus predicted the end of the world would be on May
5th... 1999 and I don't know how
But as I'm writing this that's only one day from right now
What the [bad word]  I pull up to Shell in my [bad word] Look up, "nah... Earth ain't about to [bad word] 
Open my door, get up, slam it shut, "Marv, what up
Let me get a bag of ice and a stack of plastic cups"
For a minute we chat 'bout life and all o that
then we dap. "Check you out tomorrow night, I'll be back"
Grab a beadie and light it, turn the key and start driving
back off into the night and then I start to get frightened
thinking  [bad word]  My whole life I was just a dreamer
I never got to put on a show in a packed arena
I wanted to go on Rap City and act witty
but all I ever did was put up with hoes who act [bad word] What a wack pity! Was I choosin a road
that didn't get me there in time and now we losin our globe?
Hold up I'm losin control. Think realistically on it
What could [bad word] up a planet in one day without warning?
And even if the world does end and I can be mad at guys
cause life coulda been much worse. At least I'm satisfied
At least my dad's alive married to my mother
I have a sister and friends that I could call my brothers
At least I have life. Some people, their life was stolen
Set up for a crime and behind bars is where they hold em
We got kids killin kids cause Earth is cold
Women using abortions as a form of birth control
It hurts the soul and leaves a scar on your conscience
but it's a blessing that I made it through this nonsense
So even if this will be my last night
at least when it's over I'll be doin alright...

Back in the 16th century, way way back in the day
nostradamous predicted the world would be on may
5th, 99, tree years later and change
the World Trades frame got [bad word] by planes
looking like God unleashed his fury and rained flames
exchanged pain for how America came to fame
cluthing my brain, my sense of security changed
usually confidence was pure in me, now fear in my veins
said "any of this [bad word] could brang nuclear weapons
...any of this [bad word] could end at any second"
if [bad word] in Chief couldn't insure our protection
that's no more additions to my memory's collection
missing me and my girls matrimonial connection
no child and videotapin' her first steppings
or growing old and teaching grandchildren lifes lessons
but thankfully I got saved during them church sessions
so I thank God for earth's blessings... health
not alot of wealth, but alot of peace within my self
not a whole lot of forgotten pieces upon the shelf
disclipline from loving parents, though they raised me
by the belt
when I was young, I was wild
(life) took it for granted
(nights) living outlandish
(christ) hope he could stand it
now I do right.. wherever I can manage
the devil was eating me alive but I climbed out of that sandwich
now possibly on the verge of having everything vanish
feeling as if I didn't do anything as I planned it
like I was trying to live my life right, but somebody panned it
but I still had love, when down helping hands lifted
me up, outta the mud, outta the muck
and outta the dark and attitude when I didn't give a [bad word] from them days in the park, alone, drinking gin by the cup
through an exitless maze, wandering and constantly stuck
the blessings were always there, I just chose to ignore them [bad word] started getting sweeter when I learned to explore them
wasn't selfish with them, trying to stretch and contort them
and didn't let the world get to them fi
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