Wrapped In Silk (исполнитель: Alice Cooper)

Where did I see those eyes?
Why do I feel your heat?
How do I know your name?
When did we ever meet?

Did you just pass me by?
When did I smell your scent?
I followed you from behind
Everywhere you went

My, my, my, my, my!

You should be wrapped in silk
You should be bathed in white
You should be wrapped in silk
I'll make that [bad word] [bad word] tonight

Yes, tonight!
Yes, tonight!
Yes, tonight!
Tonight's the night

How did you see my face?
When could you feel the knife?
Was it your final thought?
The moment I took your life

And just when your heartbeat failed
Were you just filled with fright?
Were you in dark despair?
Did you see the holy light?

Yes, tonight!
Yes, tonight!
Tonight's the night
I'll turn off your lights

Where did you get that skin?
I've never seen such teeth
It covers up all your sick
I wonder what's underneath
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