Отсутствует (исполнитель: Неизвестен)

An ode to our good friend Kevin.

I said, everybody in the club, feel alright
Let me see you get crazy, pop bottles all night, alright
And don't forget what I say
That Kevin is really [bad word] alright.

You thought Kevin wanted to get some poon
But we all really know he just wanted Kyle Calhoun.
Ohhh, Hippie was right all along
'Cause we now know Kevin's a fan of the dong
Of the dooong
He wants that schlooong
All night loooong
In the bung hoooole

I said bung hole baby let me do it right.
I said bung hole baby, we can do it all night.
We've got no reason, to argue or fight
'Cause I no longer want my [bad word] so tight

So Kyle Calhoun, I hope to see you soon
Under the light of the mother [bad word] #39; full moon.
I'm gonna wait for you, in your room
Then after we're done butt [bad word] #39;, then we can spooon

Kevin McClelland likes it in the butt.
Stick a whole fist in, then he busts a nut.
Walkin' up and down Nebraska Avenue
Smoke a rock, suck a [bad word]  that's what he likes to do.

Kevin McClelland is a fan of trippin'
But me and my boy Shaan, we just like rippin' and dissin'
On a [bad word] 
You know that's what them haters dooooo.
So [bad word] don't try and get on me
Or any of my stew, or my beer
It's the finest of brews
It's my malt liquor
And I'm not gonna stick up
Oh wait I will because you just an [bad word] licker.
little trippin' [bad word] [bad word]  then what you gonna doooo?
Kevin what you gonna dooo?

Kevin what you gonna do?
What you gonna do?
Without auto tuner, you're just a fool
So go get a boner, perform auto fellatio
I'm gonna be Hamlet, you can be Horatioooo
You can blooooow
On my baaaaalls
Until the fall oooooooff

So I'm chillin' at a party, and I'm snortin' fat lines
And I spit these rhymes so good, you could call it a crime
But, I look out the corner of my eye
What do I see, but my boy Kevin down on his knees
Getting a VD from a midget, got those digits
Stuck up his [bad word] 
You know what I say, I tried to tell you my homeboy's gaaay

I remember when Kevin was dating Bailey
Made an awkward turtle, essentially daily
Holding hands, locking lips, sucking [bad word]  in the hallway
That's when I knew my boy Kevin was [bad word] 

Pay these guys to [bad word] him, no need for a thanks
Kevin's [bad word] is a certified sperm bank
Either gargle or swallows
No need to spit
Eats so much [bad word]  always balls on his chin

He passed up a Bonnie, ran away with a Clyde
He got sprayed in the face, now he's got a lazy eye
Heard, he [bad word] a Jordan just the other night
Not sure if Jordan is a girl or a guy

Oh Keviiin, I think you have a probleeeem
Been on so many guy's [bad word]  I should call you Mr. condom

Don't bother, getting tested for HIV today
Go straight for the test for full blown AIDS
You gonna diiiie, and so is Clyyyyyyde

Oh Kevin, your [bad word] is funky
You certified little cheeky monkey
Little cheeky monkey

Yo Kevin yo [bad word] like that
 [bad word] that [bad word] I'm going right back
All them guys on the back of your back
 [bad word] that [bad word] with a rat-tat-tat
That's what they do with ya red [bad word] 
Why's it red, cause you've been passed
Gotta let go, and it's not slow
Oh, let's just light dro
Not like Monopoly, why?
'Cause ain't no guy, stoppin' you
From stoppin' me, from shootin' you
 [bad word] that [bad word]  what I'm a do to you
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