Lights Out (исполнитель: Bodyjar)

Pain away

It's getting too hard to know

If you're made a connection

Tell me how far you go when

You're starved for affection

You're gonna break soon

Locked in the bathroom

With all the lights out

Wait for [bad word] down

You got your own life

You better start today

I know there's something I can do

To take the pain away

Living from day to day with

The wrong information

But you only talk to me when

You're under sedation

You're on the wrong side

You gotta fight more

Not just a phone call

Something to live for

You got your own life

But there's a price to pay

I hope there's something I can do

To take the pain away

You cry out, but they never listen

Nothing I can do to take the pain away
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Bodyjar - Lights Out?
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