Отсутствует (исполнитель: Неизвестен)

Gucci rollerskates and a pink beeper 
Louis V, D-cup, think seeker 
Mad Child sleep deep like I breathe ether 
The Mad Child hold heat like the Grim Reaper 
She tastes like a peach, sacred now ? so hatred is deep 
Vagrants and snakes take her out to the beach 
Have nightmare sweat, work it out in my sleep 
I used to mask pain with cocaine and oxys 
Now the pain still feel real on Suboxone 
Pain is by caused this very bad posture 
Feeling bad really sad in a clown costume 
If life is a game I am so losing 
Life filled with depression and no movement 
We make choices, I hear yours loud and clear 
Strange voices, get the f**k out of here 
Pretty good pretending that I don’t care 
As I battle with adult fear 
Olympics in Whistler with Adolph Hitler 
The devil and his misfits were there for Christmas 
The dinner was delicious, smashing dishes 
 [bad word] back clean more brash and vicious 
Irrational thoughts make myself look ugly, the passion is lost 
Trying to change my ways, still stashing the Glock 
Trying to keep love locked, start smashing the box 
f**k everyone, I am never done 
Mad Child love God like [bad word] 
Back at level 1 tears filling up my eyes like the Seventh Son 
That’s all she gets, three packs of cigarettes now I’m past regret 
I’m a dead man walking, head plant often 
Keep on talking, tin can coughing 
Codename Terror, cocaine nearer 
Stopped [bad word] binge just to see things clearer 
I’ll hit em with the thunderous clap 
I’ve been driving five hours with a gun on my lap 
I’m feeling like I’m under attack 
You can tell em that the old head hunter is back 
Shane’s existence is pain inflicted 
They’re saying he’s different, insane and twisted

My voice [bad word] back now…

You can see it’s permanent, I was born to terminate 
Raising up the murder rate ripping out your vertebrae 
Different I’m magnificent I’m skipping while ? 
And little gangster Gerber baby spitting ever word is crazy 
Half-author half-? bad posture 
Little Godzilla, little King Kong with the ping pong paddle 
Mad cause they be rattling my cage, never battling on stage 
They know that’s a bad mistake 
Cause I’m a cannibal, I’m Hannibal, I’m happy to deface 
Plus I hold this little racket just to smack them back in place 
I was out in outerspace sitting with the pouty face 
Not surfing, had to turf it, sick of how the powder taste 
Now that about explains it, I was painfully erased 
Then I bowed my head in shame and I was thankfully embraced 
Can’t thank my fans my enough, I got an army that is ? 
2011 that’ll be your Armageddon 
When the smoke clears (smoke clears) we will be in Heaven 
And yes we on the right track, we some living legends that 
Everywhere I go I’m always seeing 57s 
For the last four years, I promise never to forget it 
For these spellbound hellhounds every head gets severed 
And I am held down tight by a family concept 
See yeah [bad word] right keep my vanity on check 
My vanity in check, I confidently stomp on these insects
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