The Man With No Face (исполнитель: Slice The Cake)

[I. The Shimmering Tides of Revelation]
 [bad word] 

[II. Into The Void]

Today I seek to procreate, exonerate the sickly skins.
My former selves, they drift away into the ether.
As I'm reborn without a face, without a name,
I find my [bad word] vocation.

Too many times have I seen squander in myself and in others
While not manifesting the purity I sought
With such a fatal flaw, I joined the masquerade;
grand charade in which we all participate

With no excision.

transient glimmer of in-corporeality from beyond the veil.
Into the eyes of light I gaze, transfixed as my soul is purged of all its bile;
I bathe in the source of magnanimity.

I feel
I've known you before.
Re-united as one.
I feel your presence here.
We have met before.

And to this day I have held your hand,
Your guidance never leading me astray,
But into light and hope, you give me purpose beyond all that is earthly.

I see the masks with which we play our games, indulgences for cosmic gains;
Fulfilling archetypes, the dreamer dreams.
Into the void I leap, convinced of destiny,
Protected by my faith in that I cannot see;

For I have read your lips and I have felt your shame,
Have no fear, my Brother, for this pain is shared.
We ache in unison for reconciliation.
Let us take this step as above so below.

As above so below,
Veils upon veils,
Veils upon veils,
I renounce myself.

[III: Traversal of the Immaterial]

I've had too many sleepless nights,
Too lost in restless thoughts,
Fragmented dreamscapes assault my reality
As the shards of my excursions flutter in and out of sight.

Oh God, what have I done to bring this on myself?
Is this my punishment for past transgressions
Or is this simply a test of my will to continue against all logic
For a taste of the fool's gold or some unearthly reward?

Is this a dream or is this real?
Is there more beyond the veil?
Is there an answer that can ease my burden?
My tortured heart it sinks into the depths of misery,
I feel [bad word] mount, the pieces just won't fit.

Is this just all a game, [bad word] of which are not revealed
Until it takes its dying breath?
I want so badly for it all to just make sense.

Too late, it's all too late... For me?

Tell me that I can [bad word]  tell me that I can love.
Tell me I have a face, tell me I have a name.
My ears they hear no music, my eyes they see no shapes;
Just an amorphous mass of subjectivity.

If all is relative, how can there ever be a [bad word] 
The bitter tasting certainty eludes both me and you.
For in the name of God they sing their praise,
But still I cannot feel his presence.

You leave me cornered against my will.
I'll not forgive, I'll not forget.
I'll shame your name, I'll make your life a living [bad word] 

Until you find your strength, I'll drain your life.
I'll eat your soul against your will.
Can't you see? We're testing you.

And so I crawl, 'til I can walk once more.
And so I sleep, 'til I can dream again.

We dance amongst the flames, their heat [bad word] aid to resolution.
Or so we feel, or so we dream, as we partake of a collective hallucination.

thousand realms of thought with nothing left but time
To fully realise our visions, immortalised with pen and paper.
Our resonances trapped in ink, to linger for eternity
monument of journeys passed, with new ones in the wings...

[IV: Ouroboros]

And so I sink once more into the ever-present plain of dreams
I feel so tired, I feel so weak.
My vessel longs for rest, it longs for sleep.

thousand incarnations stretching through both time and space;
Where does this spiral end?
Does it ever cease to exist?

Melting away into a fleeting sea of faces;
Who have I been? Who have I known?
And were you there, my long lost br
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