Отсутствует (исполнитель: Неизвестен)

[Verse 1]
(Mikey J: RoxXx, ya too [bad word] facety)
They say I'm too [bad word] facety, is it cause my jeans hang low below my waist, G?
Swagged off, T matching the bows in my lace, see?
Only time [bad word]  is when police chase me (bloodclaat)
Yeah, and I'm renk too, rainfall flow
Watch [bad word]  I met drench you!
Heard it loud cause you were meant to
Proud that I ain't you
(Mikey J: RoxXx, ya too [bad word] facety)
Yours [bad word]  to out me you're gonna need a uzi
Cause I swing hooks on a new beat, I'll drop a newbie
Stop the clock and forward to next year and see
How they're all be tryna do me
But nobody can nuh cross me

I'm RoxXx, and you're not, and I didn't pay for G-Shocks
But you did, I did not. They sent it to my crib
You went shop

[Verse 2]
They're all jokers, this part here's for all the smokers
(Mikey J: RoxXx, ya too [bad word] facety)
But he's still tryna date me, only looks cool cause he's standing by the AC
I bet he ain't got no "mmm mmm" lately
Not even a seven different if he would of ate me
And yeah I mean it, facety, believe it
I'm so disobedient
Never a follower, I've always been a bad boy that's leading
And been feeding them helium, so they squeak when you're hearing 'em
(Mikey J: RoxXx, ya too [bad word] facety)
Yes, about to kill 'em, selecter it's less stress
All ah dem deh they're just excess
Do [bad word]  If not well then let's get
Down to it, round you're clique, I'll turn up on my ones
And end you quick

I'm RoxXx, and you're not
You're just gassed off hype you ain't got
I'm not, and you are
I'm bad, and you're a par

[Verse 3]
And no I ain't jokin
Flash you're lighter to everybody smoking
(Mikey J: RoxXx, ya too [bad word] facety)
Facety with a "bun you" attitude
When this pretty lighty gets dark I might whack a dude
Backpack Gang, that's the crew
Actually I'm not even facety, I just chat the [bad word] And they can't hack it because what I say, I back it
With my arms out my jacket
I swing like a racket
I even have fun, I like to sing while I'm at it like LaLa La LaLaLaLa, LaLaLa La!
Ya mum knows, ya dad knows and even ya nan knows
Disrespect, I'll grill ya like a chicken leg in Nandos
I'm extra hot with [bad word]  I'll show 'em how a don flows
Cause they're corny, they should be on toes
Dem ah bun yeah, so we bun dem
Rewind it [bad word] den, mad max dun dem
Top shotta [bad word] dem, send dem off
Me nuh sen ah none ah dem

I'm RoxXx and you're not
You're just gassed off hype you ain't got
See I'm not, and you are
Yeah I'm bad and you're a par (shame)

Backpack Gang
Me I'm a Backpack Gang
Where's all the Backpack Gang
(Mikey J: RoxXx, ya too [bad word] facety)

Facety, and I know it
The difference is that I know when to show it
At first see you won't even notice
Until you get me vex, triple X explosive x2
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