Phantom Pain (2009, Tall Poppy Syndrome) (исполнитель: Leprous)

Genre:  Progressive Metal

Keep in absence of [bad word] 
My smile within this hollow
 [bad word] in me like I [bad word] this noose
You will never find out why

Fire bleeding from this picture of you
Hide from this unpleasant
I'd give you the ashes
Only I could find one reason to [bad word] in you

Let me go now
Let go of my hand
Find your own place
I found my promised land

Sink if you will
I'll [bad word] 
Sink if you will
I'll [bad word] to your defence

Bury yourself
Inside your phantom pain
All the way down
See how much pity you'll gain

Fight your shadow
In this light you'll go blind
I have seen the face of
He who lurks behind
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