Hamdulilah (Gaza Remix) (исполнитель: The Narcycist feat. Shadia Mansour)

Припев на арабском. Смысловой перевод.
“Хвала Всевышнему за живых.
И да передаст он им слова.
Они уж не услышат нас.
Мы делаем это ради человечества.
Мы делаем это ради Газы.

Sends shivers when you hear it
Regardless of the hardship, we will never ever fear it
For your perseverance
Got me feeling blocked up like Egypt's border clearance
May God Bless your dead and gone
We say we undeafeated, you say we're headstrong
For the will to believe in life
If you [bad word] God Loves you relieve the strife
Please read Surat Ya-sin
For the purest always fall for the furious I've seen
To be grateful for your place
You never know what fate will bring us from the hate
For the souls anguish love
And the moments our brothers get snuffed by slugs
We see through the politics
When a missile is issued to kill and follow our kids....


The world trying to kill their dreams
Waking up in cold sweats out in Philistine
I could really tell you see
Turned on the news heard they sent shells to scenes
Two hours later In Gaza
The floor starting pounding and they felt the Ha'za
Hessa the policies lied
When a house was blown to pieces, and an olive tree cried
The ch'thib that move too fast
Out the mouth of Hamas and Mahmoud Abbas
We need leaders instead of fickle beasts
Wicked streets cripple little beings
Rippling through the middle East
God while we're on the subject
Please cut the strings off our political puppets
Bil rooh bil dem when soldiers creep
At the expense of your men thinking our souls are cheap speak....


Let the world know that hip-hop
Is the rock that we bring when we aim our slingshots
The claim you call Israel
And the way you defend it shames Ismaill
See we could live together if the cycle
Of your violence didn't silence our lives with all your rifles
Alaikum Alsalam Arab Jarab
When there's harab man, alaihum il haram
Ta'thamoon lil nas wal hu'ra
We refuse to have any more Mohammad Al-Durrah's
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