primo (исполнитель: mellowhype)

[Hodgy Beats:]
Uh, it's a Monday night, [bad word]  home like it's Friday
Live everyday high, burnin' Kush on the highway
On my way to Rico to make a final in the mornin'
Forgettin' to study up for my final in the mornin', [bad word] it
It's only a final and plus it's borin', however
Tyler's back hittin' spinals when the chords end
Skeleton elephant golden elements bezelin'
We spit because we're sick and irrelevant to you relevant [bad word]  down but not from my high
I should live in a plane, [bad word] I feel that fly
It's a bird in the clouds and the sky's a plain
Nah ho, squash quote, it's that gal Mary Jane
She wants to retreat from this packed Swisher Sweet
The taste of it is regular, she make the Swisher sweet
From time to time I gotta dish her kief
Cause when she in agreement wanna leave, I let her leaf

I see the world, it's in my hands
I see these girls, two of 'em in my plans
Take a dose of my primo emo kilograms
Take a dose of my primo emo kilograms
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