Motel (исполнитель: Moriarty)

Long distance call with the lying man
he said twenty miles from the airport is the promised land
a night in detroit he perfumed my [bad word] into my spot no reason to fear
I'm inside the postcard and soon I can smell
The spell of the Motel
The lying man was standing deep in the shade
singing a sweet serenade
he's back in the sixties [bad word] s angels parade
we were surrounded by graveyards and american flags
it was the end of the day
we walked to the room and started to pray
So hungry I went out to find a sushi
the avenue was vast - a desert
nothing but a pale girl staring at me
I'd rather meet a pervert or a human sushi
she asked me for a nickel
I ask her for a piece
no reason for a battle
I went back to the motel
the only light i could see
I needed a bath and bubbles around me
I vanished into the water and gently smiled
I sniffed my baby's pants and lied on her sidewalks
Tomorrow we'll be in Mexico
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