Отсутствует (исполнитель: Неизвестен)

Yeah, told you we'd be back.
 [bad word] 2 [bad word] 

VERSE ONE - Eminem
There's a switch, I flip, emotions cut off
So cold I done froze my butt off
And this ain't even the tip of the iceberg yet
It's like squirting a squirt gun in the ocean, [bad word] off
Other words I didn't put a dent in a [bad word] to the damage I've yet to do
Long as you still have feelings to hurt, I'll be around as long as you let me get to you
Long as I got two balls to palm, I'll be the bomb, you're just a false alarm
Get scared little [bad word]  and see if I [bad word] along and stop your farm
Thunder and lightning, rain, hail, sleet with a tornado's the kind of brainstorm I get
So when the wind starts blowing, [bad word]  talking about goin' in?
Goin' insane's more like it!
Wizard of words when he he spits hazardous with it
like a disastrous blizzard so you better listen quick fast don't miss it
Yeah go ahead little prick [bad word]  diss it
So you better listen quick fast, don't miss it
Yeah, go ahead little prick,
like a disastrous blizzard so you better listen quick fast don't miss it
Yeah go ahead little prick [bad word]  diss it
But when you get hit with a sick [bad word] explicit flow
Don't ask how much of his passion is it that goes
Just know, that all he knows is this
It's better to kick [bad word] than kiss it
 [bad word] dastardly of audacity mental capacity
unmatched it has to be stopped
But it can't be, but man I can't just keep doing them like that
Or no one will rap with me
Step one, you asked who is it?

Guess who just came through the blast, you [bad word] 
With the ratchet, the book of Mathew, a book of matches
Lightning, I'm ? white linen
You about to have to admit it
They pass you the mic, asked you to spit it
You got handed your own [bad word]  your [bad word] in your own hands
Sure they gonna laugh when you go the bathroom with it
Now with what would [bad word] against us?
Better be something with a big foot pedagree
Easily these are the reasons that we need to be in your prayers
Each region breed some emcees that wanna be, which means they wanna breath our air
With these ideas, anybody thinkin' that the game don't need
The Bad Meets Evil machine?
That's like saying that bad boy piston team didn't need Isaiah

VERSE THREE - Eminem and Royce
Sip [bad word] and bleed, this is a different breed of emcees, I swear
Better be aware, there's too much at stake, and to find someone this raw on a beat is rare
You can kiss my [bad word] and the [bad word] stains on my underwear that I don't even wear
This gotta be no fair, this like hittin' the lottery, oh yeah
Who you know hotter? There gotta be no pair
Shotty that I got a lobotomy, your hair
Classic, smack it, smother it, read it and weep and perhaps you'll have no rebuttalin'
In fact, you seein' me in this rap is like saying Tila Tequila can sing like Jasmin Sullivan
Back to badge her skull again, push a [bad word] out the Aston until I get the [bad word] outta dodge
Shouldn't have to explain my metaphors, ? color books that ain't colored in
Second and third, fourth wind, gotta another win
Here [bad word] again, none other than, Bad and Evil
Also known as Sadam and Osama Bin
It's been a long time, but I bet neither one of us have felt as sick as we do right now
And we only get iller with time, me and Nickel [bad word] [bad word] up on the grounds
Tellin' us to pipe down, it's like talking to a meth head (get it? pipe? meth head? oh hilarity!)
 [bad word] Willis on his death bed, last breath with an infection
Fightin' it while he's watching internet [bad word]  about to meet his death with an erection
My god, what I mean is, David Carrideine jacking his [bad word] in front of his tripod
Choking his own neck
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