Leave It All To Shine (исполнитель: )

I know,
You see
Somehow the world will change for me
And be so wonderful

Here I am
Once again
Felling lost but now and then

Live life,
Breathe air
I know somehow we're gonna get there
And feel so wonderful

When you figure out how
You bust in the moment
You disappear

And its all real
I'm telling you just how I feel

You don't have to be afraid
To put your dream in action
Your never gonna fade
You'll be the main attraction

So wake up the members of my nation
It's your time to be

Not a fantasy
Just remember me
When it turns out right

Theres no chance unless you take one
And the time to see 

Cause you know that if your living
Your imagination
Tomorrow you'll
Be everybody's fascination

see the brighter side of every situation

In my victory
Just remember me
When I make it shine

Leave It All to Me 
Leave It All to Me 
when i make it shine 
when i make it shine  

leave it
make it
leave it 
make it
leave it
make it

when i make it shine  
just leave ot all to me
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