09 - I'm Gettin Money (исполнитель: 2Pac - R U Still Down (Remember Me) 1)

Get money [bad word] Yeah - aw yeah
Dedicate this one to all the hustlers
that get up every [bad word] mornin and put they work in
I see you - I see you boy

I'm up before sunrise first to hit the block
Lil' bad [bad word] with a pocket full of rocks
Learned to throw them thangs, get my skinny lil' [bad word] kicked
Niggaz laughed, til the first [bad word] got blas-ted
I put the [bad word] in his casket
and now they covering the [bad word] in plastic
I smoke blunts on the regular [bad word] when it counts
Tryin to make a million dollars out a quarter ounce
Gettin ghost on the five-oh, [bad word] them hoes
Got a forty-five screamin out surviv-al
Hey [bad word] can I lay low, cook some ya-yo
and holla five-oj when I say so
Don't wanna go to the pen, I'm hittin fences
NARC's on a [bad word] back missin me by inches
And they say how do you survive, weighin one-fifty-five
in the city where the little niggaz die
Tell mama don't cry, cause even if they kill me
They can never take the life of a real 
I'm gettin money (4x)

Still on parole and I'm the first [bad word] servin
Pour some liquor on the curb, for my homies that deserve it
If I wanna make a million, gotta stay dealin
Kinda boomin round the way, think today I make a killin
Dressin down like I'm dirty, but only on the block
just a clever disguise, to keep [bad word] from the cops
Gettin high I think I'll die if I don't get no ends
I'm in a bucket but I'm ridin it like it's a Benz
I hit the strip I let my music buck
drinkin liquor and I'm lookin for a [bad word] to [bad word] Rather die makin money, than live poor and legal
as I slang another ounce, I wish it was a kilo
I need money in a major way
Time to [bad word] my girl, she gettin paid today, ha hah ha
I live Thug Life and let the [bad word] to me
Cause they can never take the game from a young 
I'm gettin money (4X)

Damned if I don't, and damned if a [bad word] do
Now watch a young [bad word] pull the trigger too
RAISE UP, and don't let them see ya cry
Dry your eyes, young [bad word] time for do or die
I pack a pistol in my pocket, ready on my Glock
Ain't no time for a [bad word] to even [bad word] [bad word] I done seen a [bad word] peep pain
at point blank range cause he slept on the game
Ain't a [bad word] thing changed, they shakin the dice
Now roll em if you can't stand pain better hold em
Cause ain't no tellin what ya might roll
You might fold catch AIDS from a slight cold
You better live ya life to the fullest
Be quick to kill a bull got a pistol [bad word] better pull it
And even if they kill me
They can never take the life of a young 
I'm gettin money (5X)
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